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A princess of fire light and next in line for the Seelie throne, Selyara is a girl who wants only freedom. Given no protection, she must face three days as a human, alone.

"Two nights ago, I was a fairy, but no longer.
Tonight, I am human...and if they catch me, I will die.”

"Four hundred years of blood hunting has a way of hardening even the softest heart. Then I saw her standing amidst a tussle of roses lost to winter's sleep, and I knew it had not yet completely turned to stone."

"Genevieve, I call her Gen. We have known each since birth. Her ceremony is two nights from now. Mine is tonight. 

Gen doesn’t change much when she sun walks, that’s  what we call it when we use a human form to enter their society. It’s only a glamour, just a picture they see, inside we remain ourselves. She is brave and smart, I am only afraid..."

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